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Tips For Hair Extension Care and Maintenance
Hair Extensions are our favorite way to elevate our look and get those gorgeous luscious locks of our dreams. Whether you’ve never had hair extensions before, have newly installed hair extensions or you’ve had them for years, we’re sharing our pro tips to keep them healthy and long-lasting.


Hair Extension Care


Maintenance and Styling
Developing a routine for the maintenance of your hair extensions will help you to get the most out of your investment. We recommend brushing your hair and hair extensions with a natural bristle paddle brush or hair extension loop-brush morning and night to avoid knots and breakage. Make sure to do this process gently so you don’t disturb your hair extensions.

What To Avoid

In the evenings, it’s best to brush your hair, then braid or place your hair in a low bun to protect your hair extensions. We also recommend never going to bed with wet hair and sleeping with a satin pillowcase as this will prevent any matting as the surface is always smooth.

Avoid prolonged sun exposure, chlorine and saltwater as these can all dehydrate your hair which causes dryness, breakage and knots. If you are planning on swimming, saturate your hair with fresh water first and then seal with a rich and thick conditioner.

Other things to avoid to protect your hair extensions include sunscreens and medicated skin care products as they can lead to discoloration and also heavy oils, masques and protein treatments.

If you plan on styling your hair, use a lightweight heat protectant while your hair is damp and make sure that your hair is 100% dry before applying any heated tools like straighteners and curlers. While using the tools, have them on the coolest setting possible and avoid holding them near the roots of your hair extensions. Curl or straighten in sections to avoid exposing your hair to more heat than necessary.


Tips for Cleansing and Rejuvenating

It’s important to keep your hair extensions clean as this will help with keeping them in the best condition possible. When washing your hair, use high quality sulphate and paraben free shampoo and conditioner, products that contain these ingredients will strip your hair of natural oils and lead to dryness, tangling and matting. Also make sure that the water is warm, rather than cold or hot otherwise they won’t cleanse properly and lead to build up.

Our pro tips for washing your hair extensions include brushing them before you wash them and when showering, make sure to wet your hair and apply your cleansing products in a downward motion. Proceed to massage your scalp and in-between your hair extensions to remove any impurities and product build up. After conditioning the ends of your hair, rinse out and pat your hair dry, be careful not to aggravate your hair follicles with your towel.


Special Advice for Blondes

Now for my blonde ladies, as well as following all of the previous instructions, be extra gentle and kind to your hair extensions by avoiding using direct heat while blow drying and don’t use a round brush while styling at home as this is a cause of breakage. Trust your stylist when it comes to any specific maintenance advice for your hair type.


At Cooperative Hair, we are very serious about our mission to provide high quality hair extensions that you’ll love and will look healthy and beautiful with proper maintenance. We’re all about long-term relationships and caring for our clients and other hair stylists, we’re passionate about supporting you with the best products, knowledge, services and support as possible.


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