Hair extension expert

 At Cooperative Hair, we’re all about empowering women with the industry’s best hair care and hand-tied hair extensions! Founded by Natalia Rosa in 2018, at her Cooperative Salon in Costa Mesa, California, Cooperative Hair is 24 years in the making.


Natalia was inspired to take matters into her own hands and develop luxury high quality hair extensions after a bad experience with hair extensions from another company.


Determined to provide her clients with nothing but industry leading quality, Natalia spent years studying the best hair and building relationships with different factories to develop her own line. After working behind the chair for over two decades, Natalia understands the complexities of hair and is extremely knowledgeable about what makes hair extensions high-end.


“I take pride in my work, I am very passionate about what I do and love to create a luxurious experience for my clients” says Natalia.


Natalia works with a lot of clients on their journey to restore their hair to look healthier than ever. Cooperative Hair’s hand-tied hair extensions are designed to be tailored to a client’s individual needs and hair, there’s no cookie cutter solutions here. “I take my time with each client, they receive a dedicated personalised service. I learn about their hair, their wants and desires for hair extensions, I check what their hair needs and we decide together how to proceed to make sure they end up with the best result possible.”


Continuously educating herself on the industry's latest cutting edge innovations and techniques to stay ahead of the curve, Natalia helps her clients to achieve the hair of their dreams, whether that’s adding mermaid length, impressive volume or restoring hair from previous damage. If you are looking to increase your confidence, embrace your natural beauty and treat yourself to the hair you deserve, Cooperative Hair hand-tied extensions are the answer.


Always thinking about ways to give back, Cooperative Hair has also become an encouraging community for both established and up and coming hair stylists. Over the years, Natalia has grown the community to be a supportive place for all. “We love featuring hairstylists and their works on our social media accounts to help them build their own brand awareness, meet other incredible women in the industry, learn from each other and broaden their network as they grow” says Natalia. Make sure to follow Cooperative Hair on Instagram at @cooperativehair.